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My Services

My services are tailor-made for your needs.

From single sessions to package arrangements, we come up together with the offer that suits your lifestyle and will get you to your goal in the shortest amount of time.

My sessions are never abruptly interrupted because the time is out.

I take good care that our work is very focused and that every area that is opened within a single session is rounded up and closed as much as possible before we finish the work.

The tailor-made offer is based on the basic offer.

The basic offer consists of:

- free discovery call

- 1.5-2 hour long RTT session (single)

- follow-up after 1 week

- follow up after 3 weeks

To put an end to your

deep emotional pain

or if you wonder why the same things keep happening again and again

or if you know what causes the emotional pain, but see no way out,

I believe I can offer a different perspective

and together we can a way forward for you.


I offer my services in English and Croatian / Bosnian / Serbian.

I work on-line exclusively and my services are available globally.

Helping you move
from coping to thriving
by effectively releasing deep emotional pain.

Finally and for good.

Because when we can not change the circumstances,
we can always change how we show up in them.

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