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About my work

My approach is:

  • trauma-informed

  • problem-solving

  • solution-oriented

Why trauma-infomed work?

I have deep interest in trauma and my work revolves around helping my clients resolve their personal traumas, so they can feel more present within themselves and in their own lives.


Trauma, as defined by Gabor Maté, is not what happens to you, it's what happens inside you as a result of what happened to you

What happens to you, me, all of us, is always deeply personal. The outside event may be the same, but every single person has a completely individual experience of that event. The traumatic event leaves a trace that, if left unresolved and not integrated in a healthy way into our current lives, can keep us feeling stuck, disconnected, coping, shrinking... in short - not fully alive.

The longing to live the lives we have, however, is always there. That is what I help my clients with - to bridge the gap between the "now" filled with emotional pain, and not just the wishful but very possible NOW when one feels that life flows despite everything that has happened.

My work is focused on resolving trauma on a subconscious level using hypnotherapy as the main tool.

I believe that we cannot talk ourselves out of the pain.

Instead, we need to meet our pain - and do it safely, in a compassionate setting, with a clear focus on the solution we strive for. Which IS possible - because when we can not change the circumstances, we can always change how we show up in them. 

My principle:

No two people can be approached in the same way, nor can the issues they struggle with be handled the same way - even though they may seem, look or even be labeled the same way.

Tailor-made services for your specific needs:

  • My commitment to high-quality service means I do what is in my power to create a safe space, and offer compassion, guidance and tools in order to facilitate deep emotional release that will lead to your lasting personal transformation.


  • My sessions are never abruptly interrupted because the time is out. While we have a scheduled time together, our work finishes when you reach the closure related to the topic of your choice.

  •  I take every care that our work is very focused and that every area that is opened within a single session is rounded up and closed as much as possible before we finish the work, so you don't leave any of our meetings with unfinished processing or unintegrated outcomes.

  • Even after our first session, my clients experience significant shifts in their lives. This is because of my problem-solving and solution-oriented approach. We are moving at a pace that is individually tailored, safe and comfortable for my clients, with a clear end goal in mind. We also honor positive, negative or missing experiences that are the root cause of the emotional blocks and problems my clients initially seek help and support.

  • Because my approach is trauma-informed, these emotional blocks are resolved at the very core of the person's sense of self. From there, entire lives start being reshaped, because once the person sees themselves in all their worth, beauty and power, it is impossible to go back to the old ways of acting from helplessness or feeling worthless, unseen, and unheard. This is why my work is oriented towards providing my clients the experience of a big life reset. Read more.

Why wait?

I believe we all change, grow, and transform at the pace that is right for us, but sometimes the familiarity of the old, broken ways may seem more secure than the unknown territory of the redefined self, or our boundaries, or expectations of our lives.

This is trauma-response and the good news is - it is not life-defining. Yes, it is rooted in deep emotional pain, but I am a great believer that there are tools, methods, and the right kind of support for everyone. What matters is to be willing to explore the one thing we always have control and agency of - our own responses to the events we experience.

No human being is broken, or faulty, or in need of fixing. 

We all are, however, often in need of reminders and support that we are not the pain we sustained, but are a magnificent expressions of life that deserve to be lived fully.

To put an end to your

deep emotional pain

or if you wonder why the same things keep happening again and again

or if you know what causes the emotional pain, but see no way out,

I offer a different approach, as my client's stories of their changed lives show.

Together we can create a way forward for you too.

Why wait?

How I work?

  • I work in English and Croatian / Bosnian / Serbian languages.

  • You can access my services from the safety and privacy of your own home.

  • Read the FAQs to get even deeper insight into why my approach is succesful.

  • I work on-line exclusively and help my clients from all over the world. Would you like to join them?

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