I grew up hearing that I was too sensitive; that I was noticing too many things, or that I was taking things too seriously and thinking too much. As my childhood turned into adulthood, even with good education and interesting career, having my own family and a circle of close friends, there was always a feeling that something was still missing. Often it seemed like I was living just a rehearsal for the “real” thing, yet I had little progress in addressing that deep need for clarity and fulfilment.

Learning that I was a highly sensitive person, an empath, led to realisation that my sensitivity was not a burden but my gift; moving away from people-pleasing tendencies to considering the word “no” as a full sentence; learning to make my choices from the place of love instead of fear... all this was integrated in my life much faster and much more effectively thanks to the method called Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).

As it became clear to me that RTT was a robust framework and a powerful tool for self-care within which I could achieve the progress I wanted at the (rapid!) speed I could not even imagine before, I dived into studying it and applying it with all my heart and soul. Soon, the doors started opening to helping others and not just myself. Today, I am happy to have a beautiful, growing collection of stories of helping people find their own peace of mind, fuller hearts and more fulfilling lives. You can read them here.

With each new person I work and whose life improves, I am amazed by the effects of the method. As someone who had experienced or struggled with insecurity, anxiety, guilt, grief, unexplained infertility, career challenges, or searching for purpose, as well as having to rebuild my life almost from scratch in several new countries, I know how stuck one can feel when things seem out of control.

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Ornela Maric -  RTT Therapist Certificat

I wish I knew about RTT before, so it could help me navigate my past challenges better. Today, my own life path gives me unique perspective and deeper understanding of what others go through.


I strongly believe that everyone has capacity to reclaim one’s own power in any circumstances, buy understanding that it is not the events that affect us, but our own interpretations of those events and meaning we attach to them. 


When we are deeply rooted in the feeling of our own self-worth, life becomes a stream of opportunities for growth and joy.

Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.

The rest of it will take care of itself.

Elizabeth Gilbert "Big Magic"

RTT had already caused revolution in my heart. I hope it will in yours too.

I look forward to working with you.

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Finally and for good.

Because when we can not change the circumstances,

we can always change how we show up in them.