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Frequently Asked Questions

Before reading these FAQs:

  • Please make sure you first read all about my approach, so these FAQs can offer more value for your time and information gathering.

  • For an even more wholesome idea of the possibilities for you and your life transformation, also check my client's stories to read about the actual results of my work.

  • Finally, please keep in mind that you can always book free 30-minute consultation when we can discuss any further questions you may have.

What is the difference between subconscious and conscious mind?

Think of an iceberg. The part that is above the surface is representing our conscious mind and that is the part of our mind we are aware of at all times - that is our "thinking mind". However much bigger part, our "feeling mind", is underneath the surface, and that is our subconscious mind where everything we think, believe or do, is deeply rooted or anchored in.

Another way to look at our conscious and subconscious mind would be to think of a computer or your mobile phone. All our knowledge is like an application software running on that computer or phone, but subconscious mind is like the operating system, a type of software (Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS) that the computer or phone needs in order to switch on and be functional in the first place. If you now think of the time when you wanted to install a new piece of software on the old model, and you would have gotten the message “You need OS version X.Y or higher to install this application.” In another words - it is impossible to install new software on an old and outdated operating system. 

It is exactly the same with our mind and our beliefs. As much as we think and know that we should do things better or differently, we actually keep running in circles feeling puzzled that the same thing keeps happening over and over again. It will continue to be so until we upgrade the underlying beliefs and views of ourselves and the world around us.


In my work, I use a set of tools that allow you to upgrade your own operating system, so you can run the powerful new mindset software of your choice on it.

Is hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is perfectly safe. It is a state of deep relaxation, a natural state of the mind that we all experience, however most often we are not aware of it. Think of the time when you watched a TV and were so deeply focused that you do not remember any other events around you - you were basically in hypnosis, however you were not aware of getting in that state. 

In therapy session is we simply invoke that deep relaxation or hypnosis because we want to. The reason is that when hypnotised, we get our chattering, critical mind out of the way, thus getting direct access to our subconsciousness.

Will I be in pain? What I remember something very distressing?

Henry Maudsley had said “The feeling that does not find its expression in tears, may cause other organs to weep”.

During the session you may experience some discomfort, but you are never reliving the things - you simply review them from a new, safe place. In almost all cases any discomfort is followed by a sense of relief, freedom, peace or personal empowerment. This emotional release resulting from bringing into consciousness the long-supressed, painful experience and finally validating it, is also known as abreaction. Abreaction is simply a visible sign of deeper inner shift towards new state of mind happening, and the most common type of release are tears. 

Another common type of emotional release is laughter. People often, when they realise the absurdity or irrelevance of the old beliefs that they understand fully in the session, simply laugh. 

Everyone's experience is different and there is no one universal approach to inner resolutions. 

What is universal for all my sessions that the most critical issues we identify and work on get significant level of closure that gives my clients a sense of breakthrough and freedom.

The purpose of the session actually is to show you that you are no longer trapped in the experience which your mind remembered as painful.

As you go through the session - under your terms, in the safe environment, in the circumstances that are completely under your control at all times - you are beginning to see that the old situation no longer has any significance, that you are actually still here despite whatever happened and that old events can be interpreted in a different way than how you used to see them prior to session.

How about control during the session? Who is in control?

As client you are always in control.

My role as therapist is to guide you through the framework that is structured so that you gradually gain insight into what was holding you back.


You, the client, are the one who always chooses what or how much to say, or share with me. As long as you can explain to yourself the meaning of certain events, that is enough. What we are interested in are essentially feelings that need to be identified, seen, validated and released.

Can you make me do or think something I do not want to do?

Short answer is: no.

A bit longer answer is: there is no way to hypnotise a vegetarian person to start eating meat, because it is contrary to their core beliefs.

Or even longer answer: what hypnosis actually does is it opens the door wide to the subconscious mind. Once the information stream freely from the subconscious mind, without our critical mind in the way attempting to find explanations and excuses for why things are or are not certain way, as client you can freely and easily identify which thoughts are redundant and need removing, and you are simply much more open to accept those new thoughts and beliefs that now make sense to you.

But what about all those people that quack like ducks and jump on one leg, were not they hypnotised too?


Indeed they were, and that was for the purpose of stage hypnosis, which is pure entertainment.

I use hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. Hypnosis is actually one of the oldest forms of psychotherapy, and some of the most famous names associated with it are Sigmund Freud and Milton Erickson. 

General Information

As a therapist, my goal is to empower you and help you remember that you already have everything you need within you to be in the driving seat of your life. I facilitate a process that leads you to significant results during the therapy session itself, and after the session, you need to listen to the bespoke, personalized recording you get form me for at least 21 days, or as advised.

I work via Zoom, which allows you to be fully relaxed and comfortable in your familiar environment.

Format of the session

Each service includes free discovery call, when we meet to discover if we are a good match to work with each other, and discuss how I can help with your specific issue.

Each session lasts between 1.5 – 2 hours.

I am guiding you through a journey of discovering where, when, how and why you crated limiting beliefs preventing you from living the kind of life you desire. The resulting breakthroughs are a foundation for truly getting the most out of your life in the area we had covered in the session.


Once the session is over and my work ends, it is time for you to take full ownership of making the change become lasting and permanent. After every session you get a bespoke recording unique for you, to ensure that new empowering, liberating change which has been achieved during the session takes strong and permanent root.


Is deep subconscious work for you?

I strongly believe that hypnotherapy can help everyone increase their quality of life and step to the next level in any area by making space for significant insights into one’s own belief system and general attitudes.

Hypnotherapy is powerful self-care tool and a chance to dismantle everything that doesn’t serve us, then rebuild ourselves they way we want to and deserve to be.

More Information

Make sure you check the success stories of my clients and keep coming back to see more of them.

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