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Before my session with Ornela, I had a huge dread and fear of life. I didn't have the willingness to get up in the morning or just do anything during the day. I felt lifeless and so demotivated to just even exist. I've always been extremely hard on myself and never really allowed myself to actually feel joy or allowed myself to just relax and stop my mind from overthinking. I used to feel extremely overwhelmed and just not in a happy place.


The session with Ornela was everything I needed and more. She really managed to take me out of my head and into my feelings. She guided me to a safe and loving place where I felt completely at ease and where I just allowed myself to be in a space of forgiveness and love with myself. She guided me to the root cause of my issue and made me realize that the past doesn't need to have a hold on me anymore. I was having "aha" moment after "aha" moment and just gained so much clarity and insight into myself and as to why I was stuck in negative thinking and negative behaviors.


After her guidance into understanding myself better, I just felt such a massive relief and weight lifted off my shoulders and off my soul. I remember just sitting up straight during my session, my head up high and with a huge smile on my face. It was honestly the same feeling as seeing the sun after a very long and harsh winter - I felt truly elated and warm on the inside and just filled with positivity. I hadn't felt like that in years.


I cried tears of joy and relief after my session and could feel myself releasing years of anxiety and negativity from my body. I just felt like myself again after a very long time. It was truly beautiful and liberating. I would highly recommend Ornela to anyone who's willing to look inside themselves in order to heal. You owe this to yourself. She's so patient and caring and knows exactly what you need to hear and is extremely intuitive in guiding you to discovering what's holding you back and to making you see your true authentic self. 

—  Alexandra (27)

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