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Success Stories

Emotional support during Devastating Personal Crisis


If you feel the earth is crumbling beneath your feet, Ornela will teach you how to emerge from a crisis feeling like a pyramid with an emotional foundation that is strong, supple, and capable of withstanding every environmental change.

I worked with her in order to help me deal with a devastating personal situation. With her calm presence and soft, assuring voice she asked me engaging questions that helped me accept the life events I had no control over and let them go.

My self-dialogue is now uplifting, empowering, rooted in abundance and self-love.

I can't speak highly enough about Ornela and can highly recommend her without hesitation.

Dee (50)

Emotional support after over 20 IVFs

The greatest desire in my life is to become a mother to my own and my soul mate's healthy, happy child. I've been struggling for many, many years trying to get pregnant and failing and coping with all those stressful situations and devastating emotions.

After more than 20 IVF treatments where doctors were not able to explain why it did not work out I've started to ask myself if there was anything else I could do, was there something holding me back that I was unaware of. They say everything is in your head, but still not so many people are able to see or help you see what it is. 

I had recently an extraordinary session with Ornela and she helped me to gain my own understanding what conflicting thoughts about me being a mother I was holding in my head. During the session Ornela was so incredibly patient and intelligent, and guided me to find out what were these blockers in my mind, what was stopping me.

This one session with her helped me challenge those beliefs and change them. I now feel much more confident, I believe motherhood is available to me. For the first time compared to any other of more than 20 IVF treatments I feel, I know this one will be different.


I feel so less stressed about the whole situation and I'm not any more in a mood as I was before not to be able to look at a child, any child on the street feeling less worthy and depressed. Thanks to Ornela this is not me anymore, this is new me looking forward to be a mother.

S., Croatia

Anger Management and Procrastination

My adult life was marked with situations where emotions would overwhelm me. I know, that when I feel unfairly treated, I become deeply absorbed by it and it can take hours if not days, before I can come back to somewhat normal operation mode. Typically people call this "hot tempered" and it is probably a good description. Of course I learn about the difference of cerebellum and cerebrum. About "fight or flight" and that distance can help increase options. I learned to meditate and use sport to reduce stress. Yet, it has always been part of my behavioural tool kit, that at times took complete control.

Never have I tried to find a root cause for the behaviour - as I thought it was always there and never thought it could be a learned behaviour. That obviously was a blind spot of my thinking.

During the session Ornela led me in a state of hypnosis through various stages of my childhood in order to find a root cause. To my own surprise we discovered a simple basic need that was unmet prior a fit of rage I could remember. Somehow I had learned as a child that I need to react with a  fit of rage when this basic need was not met. Of course that never helped and I often could not express my need. My emotions guided me that something needs attention - somehow I forgot to learn how to properly ensure that my need is met. 

With the session with Ornela I have discovered this relation and identified a mental image (an oak tree) that I can relate to and that allows me to take the necessary deep breath and have 100% confidence that I will be able to meet my need and that there is no reason a fit of rage or and hot tempered reaction. All my life I wanted to build cool stuff and be connected with others. It often worked, but my hot temper was a limitation at work and at times a burden on my private live. I also know the feeling of unease that comes with "procrastination", a word that does not really exist in the German language.

The session was emotionally strenuous. Yet, strong emotions had always been a part of my life, so I knew that they are just like sweat when mountaineering. The identified connection and the proposed way of learning during the session looked very promising. I was easily able to master the 3-4 weeks of listening to my personalised recording. Also after two months I continue to do so as I can see, how it helps me make the newly learned behaviour the "new normal".

The newly learned behaviour clearly brings results with it, both private and at work. There is a career step around the corner. While in the past I just wrote it into my annual feedback form - yet I had little clue how to get there. Now I can feel that I am getting closer to it - and even if it takes an other couple of months I am sure I will get there. I realize what kind of hurdles are ahead of me - and I will be able to master them. I did not expect that the newly learned behaviour would also impact my capabilities of perception - as I was focusing on "action" or the absence thereof. However the increased perception capabilities bring new insights with it. 

I did not expect such a steep learning curve at my age.This happened only at the beginning of my studies and during my years abroad. It feels very exciting and fulfilling. Things happen in fast speed and at significant depth, yet I still have time and control over my life. It feels very good. I understand that I will never become a super hero - and I do not want to be one. Yet, I am special and my life is my opportunity to make a difference. And I am working that right now. How big the results will be is up for others to judge. I can however clearly state: I do my level best and I am very pleased with my life the way it is.

Dominik (50), Engineer, Germany

Depression, Grieving and Bulimia


Wow! What can I say?
Ornela is awesome... she’s fecking awesome! 

I approached Ornela desperate for help with overwhelming grief, shame and guilt that I had been holding onto for 25 years surrounding my son's death. Every day was filled with one or sometimes all of the above emotions. They caused anxiety, depression, disordered eating (bulimia) and had even been in part responsible for the breakdown of my first marriage. Every aspect of my life was affected and what’s worse, I was allowing it to affect my relationships with my other children and spouse.


If I went a day without letting memories of my son be at the forefront of my mind, the tremendous guilt I felt was crippling. I knew I was stuck in the past and that no matter how much I wanted to I couldn’t turn the clock back and it almost felt that I was stuck on a hamster wheel going constantly round but getting nowhere. I just couldn’t let go.


After several years of being on antidepressants I did receive mainstream grief counselling but it didn’t help in the slightest, if anything it made me feel worse. So many more years of being on and off antidepressants/ anti-anxiety medication. I had even tried CBT and then for last 5 years because it had really affected the way I interacted with my youngest son (because all his milestones brought on overwhelming grief because I had never experienced his brother passing those milestones) had been receiving psychotherapy. Although I did make some progress with the psychotherapy, it just seemed to be like picking at a scab... the more I talked about it, the sorer it got. I just couldn’t let the tears flow and begin to let go and heal.... (continue reading)

Rose (51), Farmer, Scotland

Grieving and Loss

(For full version click here) ...I entered talk therapy 8 months after my mother's passing, and it was good for some time. I needed to talk. I needed someone to hear me. 

Talk therapy didn't, probably couldn't, satisfy my need for acceptance and my need to create coherence between my heart and my mind. Constantly talking about the circumstances and my feelings regarding it, was just a circular journey burning deeper and deeper fissures of pain in my brain and shattering into tinier pieces the already shattered shards of my heart space. 

I was in this space and time, when I found you. From our first discovery call, I realised that hypnotherapy and you, specifically, was what my heart needed. In our session yesterday, I made seismic shifts towards healing, acceptance and coherence. You helped me to explore and navigate the contours of my pain, helped me to see my patterns I had developed for coping with grief, and fear and pain and powerlessness to stop actions abhorrent to me and that threatens my peace and sense of what is right in regard to how we interact as human beings. Your calm, soothing and expert guidance made me feel safe to explore the fears that trapped my inner child, to reach within myself to bring her to the safe port I have created for us, for me. Your expertise and empathy soothed the pains locked within my experience and gave me the space to exercise my courage to rescue my younger self, and my older self locked in grief and to bring these parts of myself into my heart so that we could heal together and lovingly stitch together the broken pieces of my beautiful heart and my gorgeous and generously indestructible spirit.

Follow-up after 5 weeks: Ornela, I listened to my recording everyday, sometimes twice a day, for 28 days straight and now I still listen to it, just to hear your soothing voice and to give myself a boost. Since our session, I have not cried at all when thinking about that traumatic event that triggered all that pain. That's incredible for me, because I had been crying everyday for 3 years because of it and the sadness was so overwhelming preventing me from moving forward, despite my regular talk therapy sessions. Now, the  way I think about it is so completely different and it no longer haunts my dreams and waking hours. I feel free to think about and love my mother unfettered by the pain of the circumstances of her death. It is such a liberating and empowering situation I am now in. I am no longer weighed down by memories of the pain. I can't describe to you what an incredible gift you gave me to free myself from that trauma, and in just one session!

Ornela, since we last spoke, not only am I feeling happier and freer, but other people notice this change in me too. I have started a business! Something I have wanted to do for such a long time, but just couldn't move forward on - and the words that ring in my head everyday is from your recording - the words "you are fearless and powerful... you take your place in the world and you claim your space in the world...with so much love". I am truly shaping my life the way I want it to be. I am so happy our paths crossed because you helped me unlock the pain, transform it into something I can use to free myself and live my life unapologetically with love and be free to serve humanity. I am doing that now and I am just at the beginning and looking forward to what more I will be doing in the world serving humanity!
Thank you Ornela! You are an amazing and gifted therapist. I wish you all the happiness and fulfillment you wish for yourself.

Daleen (49), Riyadh, KSA, University Lecturer

Emotional support for dealing with extreme PMS symptoms

For as long as I can remember. I have suffered from menstrual hell. That's what I would like to describe it. After each child, the menstrual cycle progressively got worse. After my fourth child and around the time when he turned 10 years old, it became very bad.

The types of emotions that I would feel working up to the cycle were rage and anger and just being out of control. The rage was fits of rage, or outbursts of it, just screaming. I felt like this is just the way it was, this is how it was going to be forever and I needed to accept this. And I never did anything about it. The only thing I did was trying to exercise, which had brought some relief.

I remember looking at my menstrual calendar and I knew about a week beforehand that it was all starting again. The anger was building up and about two days to three days beforehand the cravings were starting. I had strong cravings for salt and strong craving for chocolate. The food that I would always move towards to fulfil those cravings was sushi, always two days before my period, it's really weird.


After I had my session with Ornela I noticed that there were times I would look at my menstrual cycle calendar and wonder when was it going to start because I did not feel those cravings anymore. I would find myself surprised while looking at the calendar and thinking it was supposed to start any moment now, because it was day 25 or day 28.

I don't think any men really know what it's like to live with this. And for the women that don't experience this type of ups and downs, then they're very fortunate. Unfortunately for me I always had very strong, almost manic cycles and sometimes I would second guess, myself, am I even normal, is this is this normal like should I be in a psychiatric ward, or in a hospital. But my session with Ornela was just revolutionary, so now I don't even know when my period is coming, I don't have the same urges and I actually have to look at the calendar because it's been that long since the last one.

The up swings and down swings of emotion, the black hole of depression has slowly disappeared after that session. It's pretty crazy how just that one session changed the perspective and experience of my menstrual cycle.

S. (45)

Emotional support for dealing with Hypothyroidism, PCOS and Endometriosis

I had a session with Ornela with the outlook to treat my hypothyroid condition. What can I say, we started with hypothyroid, I got valuable insights and then we moved on to looking at my endometriosis and PCOS conditions as well thanks to her ability to drive the conversation into a more 'valuable' space once she felt there was not much more to get out of one area / issue we were looking at. I have had a long history of stomach cramps during my menstrual cycles. It's been a matter of getting used to to live with these conditions, but I have decided I wanted to heal my thyroid and the other conditions as well.

I have had these conditions for 14 yrs (PCOS), 11 yrs (Thyroid) and 5 years (Endometriosis). So far I had no other treatment/ therapies for the PCOS and I take daily dose of regular medicine for thyroid from my GP.

My session with Ornela was simply divine. She was professional and clear at the beginning on how the session will be led so I had nothing to worry about, also our pre-connecting had helped build a fabulous rapport. 

Ornela has the ability to pick up clues and points to dig deeper or move on -- she asks questions that make total sense and help you get closer to your goal.
Topics were uncovered where I could not believe I had them - I actually managed to articulate something about myself after finding out I was gifted in a way - this took place with tears and for the first time in my life.

She helped me go over a forgiveness ritual, that too was so relieving and most of all, freeing! 


My  session was intense and deep, I cried tears and felt good, all at the same time. 
Thank you, Ornela. Thank you for getting me closer to myself. 

Payal J. (41), Project Manager , Switzerland

Lost Sense of Self and Difficult Life Transition

Being introduced to Ornela has been a significant turning point for me.

Being new to Germany, after living in Asia for more than a decade, has been a challenging transition from formerly having a supportive community around me, a thriving career, a strong sense of self and identity and a lot of romantic hopes and dreams centered around the new married life I was moving toward. Unfortunately, the reality of a new culture and language, being unable to find full-time meaningful work, grieving my old sense of identity and the community I had lost, steadily overwhelmed my new marriage and shook its very foundation to the point of separation.


The past few months I have experienced a deep debilitating anxiety that has prevented me from being authentic and which broke down my self trust while making me steadily more dependent on my frustrated partner. The cycles of blame and shame toward myself and my partner have felt at times nauseating and I sought out help to discover what was really holding me back from stepping into my new life.

Ornela was at once warm, attentive and reassuring and I found comfort that she herself has also experienced a few relocations and massive life transitions. We were able to connect almost immediately and I trusted her to lead me on this peeling back of old memories, feelings and events that I have attached such distinctive meaning to. I found hypnosis to be extremely calming, cathartic and safe even while bringing to the surface four painful scenes.

Throughout the session Ornela’s guiding voice gave me the tools to view the scenes without fear, the words to disrupt my former thoughts around what these events meant to my younger self and acknowledge the strength and self reliance that have shaped my life to today. After the session I felt incredibly lighter, I had an incredible night's sleep and today I have a renewed sense of  optimism, hope and self belief in the future I take responsibility for creating fueled by my own unconditional love for myself. As the weeks go on I anticipate many more revelations, but for now I can confidently say I am back in the driver’s seat of my own life, I am my own best cheerleader and I trust myself to create the life I seek on my own terms!


Emotional support for dealing with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)


I have been suffering from PCOS for the past 17 years with all the common symptoms of hirsutism, weight gain, irregular periods and acne.


Before working with Ornela, I have tried all kinds of conventional and alternative medicines and therapies, but nothing ever really worked. In my hypnosis session with her I truly feel like I uncovered the root cause of my PCOS, being an underlying belief that womanhood was associated with pain, which was the reason my body seemed to be rejecting my own femininity.

The session facilitated a deep emotional release, gently and skillfully guided by Ornela, who made me feel in good hands at all times. In the following weeks I really enjoyed listening to the recording and her pleasant voice.

Ornela is a wonderful therapist. Being a psychologist myself, I am deeply impressed with the method she uses. This session rapidly uncovered things and clarified links that conventional talk therapy would have never accomplished in such a short time. If you consider working with her, I strongly recommend it. 

Julie (33), Psychologist, Denmark


Emotional support for living with Chronic Autoimmune Health Condition


I booked a session with Ornela to work on getting some relief around rheumatoid arthritis, chronic autoimmune condition which started whilst I was pregnant with my daughter 12 years ago. The symptoms of the condition were progressing, and despite taking my regular medication, my hands had become very stiff, swollen and painful. I was struggling to do simple everyday tasks like open a bottle, cook, and walk the dog, all of which were causing me a lot of frustration and anguish.


I knew I was in good hands with Ornela, she made me feel so at ease and comfortable to speak openly with her, which enabled me to really relax and go deep into hypnosis. She guided me through past experiences in my life that had been the reason I had formed negative internal beliefs which were manifesting themselves physically. The connection was quite mind blowing. Ornela helped me work through a number of memories from my childhood which came up (some of them very difficult) and understand why these beliefs were working against me. It felt so enlightening to see how this had been influencing me both mentally and physically.


The session itself was amazing, however the real shift started when I began listening to the personalised recording that Ornela made for me to back up the work we had done in the session. Following a session listening to the recording daily is a very important part of the process and her recording made this very easy for me. I loved it, I loved her voice, I loved everything she said and the information she included. I have received previous hypnotherapy sessions, but Ornela’s recording is the most powerful and influential recording I have listened to, it was personal, relaxing, empowering and really resonated with me. I was advised to listen to it for 3 weeks which I did, but I’m still listening to it daily because its effects are so positive on my frame of mind.

One week after the session I started to see changes in  my  hands, the swelling was reducing and the stiffness that would usually last most of the day started to ease off. Despite that my doctor has said repeatedly over the past 12 years “you will be on medication for the rest of your life” my confidence and belief in getting off the drugs is growing. My husband and daughter have both seen the positive changes in me and I would say my symptoms are 80% improved.

Ornela is a gifted and intuitive therapist, she was was amazing and since our session I have a feeling of calmness, my mind feels lighter and less burdened. I would not hesitate to recommend her, she is fantastic.

Catching up after 6 months: The arthritis is best it's been for a long, long time. My last blood test showed no inflammation, which is the first! When we did the session, I was on 4 different lots of medications and I am now down to 2. I've even started jogging again, which is something I wanted to do and shows how well I am. 

P. Dean, South Yorkshire

Emotional support for Self-acceptance and living with Thyroid Problems and PCOS



My session with Ornela was truly a life-changing experience.

I came to her to work on the acceptance and reconnection with my feminine power. I felt that on some subconscious level, I  had blocked and refused being a woman. I didn't feel whole and truly myself, some very important part of me was missing. At the same time, I knew that I needed to restore this missing part and to reconnect to my power to get access to my own intuition and strength in order to live my life fully. These issues affected me also on a physical level, as I was suffering from a hormonal imbalance, being diagnosed with Hashimoto disease and PCOS.

Ornela is not only an amazing, gifted therapist, she is also an emphatic and sensitive soul who can pick up details and significant information easily. Another thing that makes her best choice for a therapist is her individual and out of a box thinking. Her creativity, skills, intuition and her passion made the session deep, successful and tailored to my needs. I absolutely loved working with her and would recommend her as the best choice.

My needs were met in phenomenal way, but on top of that, I got so much more - I have reconnected with my true self. For the first time in my life I certainly know who I am, why I am on this planet and what job I have to do here. Anyone who has every asked themselves these questions probably knows how important is to find these answers, and how transforming and empowering that knowledge is.


Now, whatever happens in my life I can always refer to who I am and I can always come back to myself. This knowing is a strong foundation for my life.  

Also, I started to enjoy myself and just being myself. It is now more than enough to be myself and to be on my own. In the past, I had to distract myself when I was on my own because I didn't like myself. Now I can just sit and enjoy my own company. I have deeply reconnected with my feminine power, which gives me a balance and felling of being whole. I feel great as a woman! I love being a woman! Now I feel that being a woman is something to be proud of. That is a great, priceless gift that I got form working with Ornela.

Thank you Ornela, you have truly changed my whole life and I am incredibly grateful!

G.J. (30), Architect, Poland

Insomnia and Pain Management


I have lived with chronic insomnia for 29 years and in order to have any sleep, I have to take medications. Since I am now an oncological patient and have to take even more medication, the problem got worse and I wanted to address it using hypnotherapy. In the weeks after the session, I have continued with the medication, but I have also experienced progress in the duration and quality of my sleep. 


I have also noticed other positive effects on my life in general. I feel more optimistic and calm. I have additional strength to face the current health problems. I also feel happier, and the people from my environment also noticed positive changes. 

My second session touched on deeper issues from my life and I wanted to resolve some patterns which have been blocking my full potential. Even during the session I felt a transformation within me and I am confident the effects will continue to grow.


I heartily recommend Ornela as a therapist. She is a very empathic and intelligent person, and it is obvious to me that she is meant to do this kind of work.

Biljana (48), Scientist, Croatia




I have struggled with bulimia all of my adult life and I had tried hypnotherapy about five years ago with no effect on my condition.

After just onesession with Ornela I have not been sick once.This session has truly helped me to understand my connection with food, emotional eating, overeating and skipping meals.

I no longer feel controlled by my emotions when it comes to food and there is no feeling of guilt if I would to eat a bit more.

Grieving and Loss

My second session was to help me overcome the loss of my husbandMy husband died three years ago and my whole world was turned upside down. Living alone with two small children and trying to process grief felt almost impossible.


I have been attending bereavement counseling therapy for 2.5 years and in this time I have seen two different therapists. While both therapists where helpful, I continued to carry everything with me, the pain of the loss, the guilt for not trying to do more for my husband when he was ill, despair and disbelief.

My session for grief was extremely emotional, with Ornela's help I managed to process so many different feelings and emotions, I have learned that I don’t need to carry them inside of me throughout my life.


This session has released a lot of anger I had towards myself the rest of the world and it has helped me to see the life in a new light.I feel stronger and more capable of looking after myself and my children.


Thank you Ornela, working with you has changed my life to better.

J. (41), United Kingdom


Life Purpose


I had worked with Ornela last December. My issue was strong, internal feeling that something was holding me back and I could not move on with my life. The session was revealing and life changing for me. She helped me to understand why I felt certain way and we discovered the believes about my life, which were holding me back.


Nowadays, I feel strong desire to follow my dreams and my heart. I do not have the voice of the doubt saying ” Do not try because you will fail ”anymore. I am not afraid to try new things and I feel connected to myself. It is like…, she has given me a new life and the hope for better future. Thank you Ornela for making me understand that I am the one who is responsible for creating the life I really want.

You are amazing!

Asia (37), Assistant Manager

Emotional support for dealing with Multiple Sclerosis

At the age of 27, I had an episode of optic neuritis. I was later diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis. This shocked me to my core.


I sought numerous alternative and complementary therapies in an attempt to heal my body and mind. I radically changed my lifestyle and diet. I started taking more supplements, went for acupuncture, kinesiology and counselling. I also started yoga and meditation but I continued to experience some lingering symptoms. I always had a sense there was a strong emotional component underlying this disease, but I was struggling to access and address through counselling. I then found hypnotherapy and Ornela.


My session with Ornela was nothing short of phenomenal. She was incredibly professional and compassionate. She was also so highly attuned to my feelings and needs before and during the session. Her comments and questions always seemed to hit a core issue or experience, which was incredibly liberating for me. During the session, she helped me uncover the root reason for the MS. I was astounded to uncover this, but at the same time, it made complete sense. For the first time in 10 years, I felt liberated, empowered and excited knowing that I no longer need to move through life with those unhelpful and harmful beliefs and thought patterns. Freedom!


Ornela also helped me to see the reason for the fatigue I had been experiencing. For as long as I can remember, I have tended to put others’ needs and wants ahead of mine. The energy required to consistently push my wishes aside, in favour of others was huge and absolutely draining on my system. No wonder I always felt exhausted! During the session, I decided to take my power back and honor myself.


In addition, Ornela created the most phenomenal, empowering and healing audio recording for me, which I am sure I will continue listening to when the need arises even after the recommended period of 3 weeks.


The changes have been gradual, but notable. I am so much better at speaking my truth and I feel confident honoring and attending to my own needs, which is new for me. I am tuning in with myself more and I’m taking active steps to ensure my physical health is in check. As a result, I feel stronger and more grounded within myself, with a greater sense of inner confidence, which is priceless. I can’t wait to see if any other changes arise over time.


Thank you Ornela for the most wonderfully transformational, insightful and liberating session and audio recording! Ornela is an incredible therapist, I would recommend her without hesitation!


Leigh (38), London



Grieving and Loss


Vor ca. 3 Jahren erkrankte mein geliebter Vater. Er war für mich mein großes Idol, meine absolute Bezugsperson - mein "Ein und Alles" und sein Tod hat mich sehr hart getroffen. Rückblickend würde ich behaupten eine starke Depression gehabt zu haben. Ich habe Nächte lang nur geweint, war völlig apathisch, funktionierte im Job und Privat nur noch auf halber Schiene.
Ich bat Ornela um Hilfe bei meiner Trauer und hoffte, dass sie mich aus meinem Loch befreien kann!
In einem Vorgespräch erklärte sie mir in Ihrer sehr ruhigen Art wie sie bei der Sitzung vorgehen wird, was alles passieren wird oder auch kann, dass sie immer für mich da ist, und mir während dessen nichts passieren kann, außer dass es mir danach besser geht.
Die Sitzung war sehr sehr emotional. Ornela hat mich in Situationen geführt und gebracht, die ich niemals für möglich gehalten habe. Ich habe geweint, geschluchzt und danach nur noch gestrahlt.
Diese positive Resonanz hält zum Glück an. Es gibt natürlich sehr viele Tage, an denen ich traurig bin, da mir mein Papa sehr fehlt und ich ihn vermisse, aber ich falle nicht mehr in diese "depressive" Phasen.
Was auch immer Ornela mit mir gemacht hat, ich kann es nicht in Worte fassen... sie hat mich ins Leben zurück geholt.

V. (44), Deutschland 


My beloved father fell ill about 3 years ago. He was my idol, my absolute caregiver, my everything and his death had hit me very hard. In retrospect, I would say I had a severe depression. I cried for nights, was completely apathetic, only functioned halfway on the job and in my private life.
I asked Ornela for help with my grief and hoped that she could free me from my hole! In our discovery talk, she explained to me in a very calm manner how she would run the session, what will or may happen, that she will always be there for me, and nothing can happen to me during that time, except that I feel better afterwards .
The session was very, very emotional. Ornela has led me into situations that I never thought possible. I cried, sobbed, and then I just beamed.
Fortunately, this positive response continues. Of course there are many days when I am sad because I miss my dad very much, but I no longer fall into depressive phases.
Whatever Ornela did to me, I can't put it into words... she had brought me back to life.

V. (44), Germany 


Communication and Expressing Oneself

Ornela is a wonderful, caring and compassionate therapist. I really felt like I was in good hands during my session. I felt supported and comfortable as we navigated through some tough emotional issues from my past which were causing communication problems in some of my closest relationships as an adult. Understanding where those issues came from, based on scenes from my past, really helped me to see why it has been happening and that I could change to have more peaceful, harmonious relationships with the people I love and spend my time with. 

I am now so much more aware of how I communicate and I am noticeably calmer and more peaceful in my all responses. I am so much more present when listening to others. I feel heard! The old need to interrupt and share everything on my mind in order o feel valued is completely gone. I am still listening to my recording and I am improving all the time.

Thank you. 

S.W. (38), Coach and Speaker

Emotional support for dealing with Restless Legs Syndrome and Nail Biting


I have sought Ornela’s help regarding restless legs syndrome and nail biting which I struggled with since my youth.


After just one session I stopped biting my nails, and they are now normal size - I am actually using the nail clippers again after more than 20 years. 

Also, the problem of restless legs has stopped.

If I sometimes feel the urge to move my legs in stressful situations, I instantly become aware of it and the urge stops.


In addition to resolving my main issues, I have noticed a number of other positive consequences:

a) after getting up in the morning, I no longer feel as broken and asleep as before;

b) I no longer feel the muscle tension in my body during the day;

c) when communicating with people, I am a lot less irritable;

d) my mood is a lot less dependent on the weather than before, a welcome change.


Although I have practiced various methods of meditation before, none of these methods had such rapid and effective consequences as the hypnotherapy session with Ornela, and I’d recommend her to anyone suffering from some form of neurotic disorder or stress related issues.


Joseph (50), University Professor

Anxiety, Stress and Burnout

The original problem that prompted me to seek Ornela's help was my inadequate ability to cope with stress. Over the past 12 months or more I experienced a few rather stressful situations (illness of a family member and a close friend, workplace conflict) that resulted in an episode of intense physical weakness and symptoms that required a number of medical examinations and my going on sick leave.

At the time of my first and only session with Ornela, I was taking medications to help me sleep better, relieve anxiety and alleviate the physical manifestations of my mental and physical exhaustion. After the session I started listening daily to Ornela's hypnosis recording and did so for about one month. I very much enjoyed listening to her, her voice had a relaxing and calming effect.

After two months of taking medications, during which I continued listened to the recording, I stopped taking my medications as advised by my doctor, and I feel better now.

The shift in my behaviour that I believe has to do with Ornela's work is that I have started speaking my mind more often and I feel more confident about it, rather than bottling my emotions up, which I believe is one of the reasons that contributed to how I had coped with stress.


Ornela is a warm, caring and dependable person and I recommend trying out the method she prastices.

Petra (48), Croatia


I had been experiencing procrastination literally my whole life. I rarely ever finished tasks and that was stopping me evolving professionally as I was always postponing professional work. There was this feeling of laziness when it came to doing important work regardless of knowing that it would benefit me.


Ornela is a phenomenal therapist. Not only professional, but with great sensitivity. She guided me to the realisation that my procrastination came from a place of having fear of success and my belief that I did not deserve it. I was regressed back to the reason for my procrastination, the scenes of been bullied at home and at school, from which I created all that second-guessing myself as a mean of protection. Ornela helped me change the interpretation of
those old beliefs and I feel as if they have been erased from my life completely. It was as if weight had been lifted from my shoulders. 


Shortly after the session ended, I was overflown by an unspeakable joy. As the weeks went by and I was listening to the powerful audio she made me, I noticed myself becoming more focused. I started prioritising my professional life and the things I wanted to achieve. Today, just a few months later, I feel energised, disciplined and confident, and with I can do / I choose to do attitude. 

C. Azevedo (35), Journalist 

Improving Life Skills

I have been struggling with reading all my life, so I decided to seek Ornela's help. She told me exactly what to expect from the session, so I felt safe and comfortable with her from the very beginning.

In hypnosis, she allowed me to experience trauma locked in my body, and in fact she helped me with something related to my health as well, just by allowing me to feel and let certain sensations and thoughts come to my awareness. She guided me through some memories and insured that my old beliefs would be left behind, installing new ones that better serve my present needs.


She is such a passionate and dedicated therapist, I felt that she lives what she does and that was incredibly reassuring. Since the session, I've been feeling more relaxed about reading and I've been much more gentle with myself, even more so because she provided me with a fabulous personalized recording. I definitely recommend her!

Noémi (38), Brussels

Emotional support for Self-acceptance and dealing with Depression

I have tried other therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help with my distorted thinking and I have always wanted to try hypnosis to get to the root of why I had those thoughts in the first place.


After I saw the immediate change in my sister after her own session with Ornela, I knew it was time. The timing couldn’t have been better as I had been in a huge transitional period in my life and was suffering through a reoccurring bout of overwhelming anxiety and depression to the point that I was having obsessive suicidal thoughts and had to start taking medication.

In my first session, we worked on my self-worth. The second day after my session with Ornela, a huge fog lifted. My obsessive thoughts had receded, even though I continued to deal with some traumatic personal issues, I was literally singing to a different tune. A peaceful happiness washed over me and has stayed with me for the most part ever since.

The thoughts have not returned and I am feeling my old self again. I was in disbelief that I could be affected so quickly but I wholeheartedly believe that when and if we can tap into our subconscious we can reprogram our minds.


Carrer Goals

The second session was more career-oriented. It felt a lot less dramatic but still, I notice the increase in my confidence and shift in my thinking. The ability to zero in on those deep-seated feelings quickly and safely and be guided to acknowledge, heal, move through and recreate new ones is a huge transformational process. What was so interesting, was witnessing my pattern of how I perceived situations and how I could change them and heal them.


There is only so far you can get by yourself. It was time for me to have some help and coaching. Ornela is so calming and full of love that her voice was easy to relax to, and listen to the recordings over and over.


This is a life-changing experience that I recommend to anyone.  

Mia (37), Artist

Work-Life Balance and Burnout

I had a session with Ornela regarding never being able to find a work-life balance. To say it was amazing would be an understatement.


She was so incredibly emotionally intelligent and switched on to everything I needed to discover about my past, that the session was outstanding and it flowed seamlessly. Ornela took me back to exactly where I needed to go to uncover beliefs I had created in my early years relating to why I didn’t believe outrace was available to me, which were of course totally irrelevant to my life today, and then helped me transform those beliefs so remarkably that it changed my life.


Ornela is incredible. I now have a healthy work-life balance and am able to switch off, which I’ve been trying to achieve for over 30 years! If you are considering a session with her, don’t even think about it, your life will be transformed as soon as it’s over.

Dawn (50), Company Secretary, Manchester, UK


Unhealthy Relationships and Public Speaking

Throughout my life, I have rarely experienced sincere, well-meaning and honest conversations. Due to my high sensitivity, everything seemed too intense, which is why, in order to protect myself, I was building bigger and bigger walls between myself and people, and over the time no one could come close to me and gain my trust.


I have worked with Ornela twice, the first time about the subject of breaking unhealthy relationships and the second time about the freedom of expressing myself. From the way I can put my experiences into words, I know that the session related to freedom of expression is a big contributor in the way I now communicate. Also, I can now stand my own ground when interacting with others.

Ornela's way of speaking, her voice and the kindness she radiates, is something I have been missing all my life. When she told me during the session that from that moment on I was to talk to and with myself only in the way my best friend would, I was confused for a moment as it was a novel idea for me. She taught me how to have healthy self-talk.

Working with her was precisely the transformation of the black cloud of thought into a celestial blue and boundless universe of possibilities.


Arka, Visual Artist


Life Purpose and support for Depression

Before my session with Ornela, I had a huge dread and fear of life. I didn't have the willingness to get up in the morning or just do anything during the day. I felt lifeless and so demotivated to just even exist. I've always been extremely hard on myself and never really allowed myself to actually feel joy or allowed myself to just relax and stop my mind from overthinking. I used to feel extremely overwhelmed and just not in a happy place.


The session with Ornela was everything I needed and more. She really managed to take me out of my head and into my feelings. She guided me to a safe and loving place where I felt completely at ease and where I just allowed myself to be in a space of forgiveness and love with myself. She guided me to the root cause of my issue and made me realize that the past doesn't need to have a hold on me anymore. I was having "aha" moment after "aha" moment and just gained so much clarity and insight into myself and as to why I was stuck in negative thinking and negative behaviors.


After her guidance into understanding myself better, I just felt such a massive relief and weight lifted off my shoulders and off my soul. I remember just sitting up straight during my session, my head up high and with a huge smile on my face. It was honestly the same feeling as seeing the sun after a very long and harsh winter - I felt truly elated and warm on the inside and just filled with positivity. I hadn't felt like that in years.


I cried tears of joy and relief after my session and could feel myself releasing years of anxiety and negativity from my body. I just felt like myself again after a very long time. It was truly beautiful and liberating. I would highly recommend Ornela to anyone who's willing to look inside themselves in order to heal. You owe this to yourself. She's so patient and caring and knows exactly what you need to hear and is extremely intuitive in guiding you to discovering what's holding you back and to making you see your true authentic self. 


Alexandra (27), United Kingdom



Hi Ornela, thank you for following up. I love the recording you made me, in fact I loved everything about the session you did for me, it was so skilfully done, I felt cared for, and I loved how you helped me get to where I needed to go. You are an exceptional and gifted therapist.

I have noticed some shifts; I am feeling more confident about making decisions, and I’m taking time to make decisions – allowing patience to play its role, which is really positive. I’m so grateful for your work and can’t tell you how much I loved working with you.

Nicole, United Kindgom


Emotional support for dealing with Eczema

I came to Ornela as I had skin inflammation around my mouth. I had tried so many creams and medications and nothing helped. Because it was around mouth and it was so visible sometimes, I literally was close to tears as it started impacting my confidence.

Ornela was very open in our initial conversation as she told me that it could be related to some trauma that was unprocessed. It made sense to me completely, as I was in a very unpleasant relationship when I first got the inflammation.

In the session Ornela guided me to discovering the root of the issue and oh my - it was so deep and intense. This woman is not afraid to deal with anything, plus she is non-judgmental at all. I felt so safe and just accepted during that session. So much understanding was shown to me by her and it all made sense to why I had developed skin problems.

Right after the session I felt as if some weight has been lifted of my shoulders, but I was also shocked by what my mind was coming up with. It only showed the power of our mind. I finally processed the trauma I experienced and I felt as my skin would heal quickly, as I no longer had to carry difficult emotions within me.

After nearly a month since the session the redness around my mouth was pretty much gone. The skin around my mouth has now an even colour just how it has always been before. I am really happy to say that the session has worked really well and I got  the results I so wanted! I can sincerely recommend Ornela as she is so confident in her skill, she made me feel safe and not judged and helped me so much.

Again, thank you so much my lovely Ornela💖

Magdalena (37), Interpreter, London




I came to Ornela, because I needed support with my belief that I did not have enough knowledge and still NEED to know more and more. She helped me uncover the reason behind my difficulty and she helped me reform those old beliefs and to install new ones that really serve me. She also provided me with a personalised recording containing all the messages I needed to hear. It was a really transforming session and Ornela has such a pleasant and soothing voice that caused that all information go in even deeper.


I have been feeling now more at ease concerning my skills and knowledge and can really help people easily. Compared to other therapies in the past, powerful hypnosis is still the easiest one I could find to uncover the reasons behind the issues I have AND to solve them through understanding. Also in my life I am more fulfilled and trust in my experiences and knowledge. That shows already in the outside, by people contacting me and wanting to work with me. 


I can recommend Ornela’s work for everyone who really wants to make the inside journey and transform its life. It brings freedom because you are able to have an impact to your own life.


Manja (45), Therapist


Emotional support for dealing with Anxiety and Painful PMS

I worked with Ornela on a couple of issues after trying to deal with them for some time prior to the sessions with her. I had some deep and heavy emotions to share and release, but I was holding back because I did not trust that people would be able to handle that, which would then leave me feeling even more rejected and hurt. I felt with Ornela that she was trustworthy, strong enough, capable enough and knowledgeable enough to navigate me through those emotions and it turned out I was right.


I felt very safe and supported during the sessions which resulted in major breakthroughs, biggest of them being freedom of a strong anxiety that manifested itself as almost constant physical pain for almost 2 years, regulation of my menstrual cycle and major relief from excruciating PMS that I was going through every month and which lasted even up to 10-14 days.


I feel more free and lighter than ever and as a result new level of success in my business, love and friendships has come my way that I was trying to achieve for a long long time. Thank you Ornela!

Ivana, Croatia

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I worked with Ornela on my IBS which I felt was related to a personal relationship which was very stressful. I had worked on this before but without any significant results which was really disappointing.  

Right from the start Ornela was very professional, she showed a good understanding of my problem and instilled in me the confidence that the session would be successful. During the session I got a much greater understanding of my relationship with pain and illness which has had a profound effect on me. I instantly felt as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and have since been able to make a tough decision without the burden of guilt that I usually carry.


My IBS is already improving and I know that as I continue to listen to the personalised recording made for me during our session I will better and better each day. I have no hesitation in recommending Ornela as a therapist - my session with her was life changing.


Suzi (53), United Kingdom


Ornela has a beautifully engaging personality and is extremely friendly and positive.  I needed to build my self confidence in general and with regards to my new career and I am delighted to say I came away feeling so much better after our session together.

My personal transformation recording was so helpful and I am feeling my confidence grow each time I listen. Ornela has a soothing tone of voice and helped me to rewire all the negative thought patterns I had been living by.

She comes highly recommended!

Heather Jackson, Dance Teacher, United Kingdom

Motivation and Procrastination


I recently had a session with Ornela and right from the beginning I felt safe and confident good things were going to happen.


The particular issue I was having was with lack of motivation, procrastinating and seeking approval before moving forward. I had the habit of seeking advice from both sides of any important task, thus creating an inner conflict. My mind would continually hesitate and all actions would be done with a cloud of doubt. The results were never lasting. I now understand that the important thing is to honor my heart and intuition. Change will come more from reinforcing new behaviors and thoughts daily than a one off session. My future is in my hands!

Today my thoughts about me are kinder and healthier. I am my own best advocate. Ornela allowed me to solve the issue during hypnosis and she guided me along comfortably. I feel motivated to pursue my career without hesitation. I am writing this 2 weeks after our session and have accomplished more than the previous 6 months.

I would highly recommend Ornela to my closest friends and family, knowing they will be in great hands.

Thank you, Ornela!

Steve B., Massachuttses, USA

Emotional support for dealing with Reproductive Organs Health and Hormone Imbalance 


Ornela and I worked on the topic of my hormones being out of balance. I’ve had issues with my feminine organs due to this problem ever since I started getting my period, first with severe PMS and later with a large fibroid that had to be removed with surgery when I was 28. I always felt worried about my body creating sickness or imbalance, without me knowing about it. The areas of my concern were mostly the female organs, also because both my mum and my paternal grandmother had ovarian cancer in their fifties. Because in regular medicine, hormones are not really treated in any way except for hormone-medication, I never had any idea how to treat my hormonal imbalance, except with food and herbs, which did not help really. The doctors who treated me for the fibroid told me it was very uncommon to have one this size and with my age, bur could not tell me the cause, or prevention for that matter, which made me feel out of control and surrendered to whatever my body decided to do, so I felt fearful and started worrying about my health.

Ornela made me feel very comfortable during the session. Even though the scenes from the past that came up were very personal and about my body, and also connected to the feeling of shame, I felt she would understand and react without any judgement. So I felt very safe and was able to tell Ornela my feelings and experiences without holding back. Also, she understood exactly what was going on during every part of the session.

Even when I got a bit lost in details of my remembered scene, she gave me very clear suggestions that were just right on point and very insightful. She connected all parts of the session beautifully, and I felt I could trust her lead completely. Her voice is calm en friendly, which helps to relax and trust in the overall process. Ornela is very empathic, which makes working with her very pleasant and easy. She helped me understand my own created beliefs, by letting me find out the underlying issues at my own pace, while I felt as though she already understood the situation. Also, I felt that Ornela could connect to my feelings during the whole session, which felt very comforting.

Follow-up after three-weeks: I feel as though somewhere deep inside the structure of my being a little switch has changed and now the whole building is becoming slightly different, but in a better way, so I can grow more :) Still some little hurt comes out every now and again, but I feel that was just trapped inside and has to come out. Again, I did not expect this at all! But I feel it's very good for me. Thank you very much!

E. van den Broek (31),  Visual Artist and Therapist, Utrecht, The Netherlands


Career Blocks


I had a hypnotherapy session with Ornela to help me move past my business blocks. I had a great idea and a great way to execute it - but I felt this ‘blockage’ that wouldn’t let me progress with it and I didn’t know why.

Ornela took me back to the cause of my issue and it surprised me how clearly it all came about. She really listened to what I needed and delivered the outcome I wanted. I was also given a personalized recording that I listened to everyday to really nail in the changes.


Thank you so much for helping me, I feel so much lighter (and enlightened!) after our session together.

Fiona, UAE 

Anxiety and Career

I was going through an important transition in my life and feeling very anxious and overwhelmed about changing careers. Ornela guided me through the process to help me get to the root of what was holding me back. Understanding where the blockage came from was essential to my progress as it allowed me to change the fear into excitement.

Sébastien, Switzerland



Ornela helped me to work through a work confidence issue that was having a big impact on my life. She listened with compassion and took me into a relaxed state. With her gentle and skilled guidance, we were able to find the root cause of my problem. Ornela put together a thoughtful and powerful hypnotic recording, and now I feel free! I felt safe and supported throughout our entire session and the results are amazing. 

Ornela is a talented, confident and skilled therapist. I came out of the session feeling like I love being me, feeling & knowing that I will effortlessly reach my full potential, knowing that this potential is now growing beyond my imagination. If you have the opportunity to work with Ornela take it!

Claire (53), Coach, New York



Thank you so very much for the session to work through the grief of losing my dad and the trauma that left me feeling so conflicted about my loss. I can honestly say that something just feels different about me since the session. I don't know exactly what it is but I feel more peaceful, more calm and I just have a sense of knowing. Knowing who I am, what I am meant to do and that everything will always be ok.

I have lived with these conflicting feelings of grief, shame and anger for the last 2 years and it really feels lifted now. I had done some talk therapy and EMDR to process these issues and it kind of left me feeling like "ok so now what do I do with all of these feelings that have surfaced". Just one session with you felt like it took it all to another level of healing and replaced those conflicting and traumatic feelings and memories with the way I truly wanted to feel which was safe, loved, peaceful, calm, forgiving, confident and hopeful.

Not only that but the session with you helped me to clarify my purpose and to make sense of some other issues I have suffered with. I truly believe you are a gifted and talented healer. You have such strong empathy and insight and a beautiful way with words.

Working with you was honestly life changing in such a positive way and I feel so blessed that our paths crossed. I don't believe it was by accident at all, you were definitely brought into my life to reassure me that I am on the right path following my greater purpose and that all is well. I can't thank you enough and I would absolutely recommend you to anyone that is looking for a positive change in their life and wants real lasting results. You are truly a gift to the world!  

Lindsey, Scottsdale, AZ

Grieving and Loss

I feel so grateful to have had the amazing experience of Rapid Transformation Therapy. Ornela worked with me on a life-time issue of loss and sadness in my life

I knew loss before I took my first breath, as my identical twin sister was still-born. I experienced inconsolable feelings of sadness all my life. Being a therapist myself, I have explored many ways to help with letting  go of these feelings, but I continued to feel that there is always a part of me missing... there is a void in my life. I could be in a crowded room and feel so lonely... saying goodbye to somebody could leave me so sad. My family is grown up with successful careers that take them all over the world and saying goodbye brought up a deep sadness that caused me to be ill. 

Working with Ornela in just one session has helped me to really understand how my experience of loss was stored so deep in my whole being.  It helped me to understand how the experience presented in so many ways in my life, from having a constant heavy feeling in my heart, to panic attacks, claustrophobia, fear and anxiety.

Ornela's caring and compassionate approach, her patience and understanding made me feel so safe, I loved working with her from the moment we met for the consultation. I knew I was in the right place.

As part of the therapy, Ornela used the process of regression to the early memories and it gave me a totally different perspective and a solution to this life-long problem that was affecting me so deeply. Being safely guided to access my subconscious mind, really helped me to fully understand the experience that started in the womb and the effects of it was having on my life. The recall of the experience by accessing my subconsciousness showed me very clearly all those stored memories, all the scenes in my life that had everything to do with the feeling of loss and sadness that still affected my life.

The breakthrough and the understanding that I have experienced it the two hour session has set me free, I feel a lightness in myself and joy my heart. 

Maureen (50), Therapist, Ireland

Emotional support for dealing with Thyroid Problems, Auto-Immune Disease and Low Energy Levels

My hope through working with Ornela was to understand better my thyroid problems, an unknown auto-immune disease and general lack of energy I've lived with for almost 20 years. During that journey, I've been on medications, seen Eastern and Western doctors, naturopaths and acupuncturists, and had not any success. Each year I became more tired and more disconnected.

I've had the opportunity to have hypnotherapy a few times before being introduced to Ornela and from the first, I knew she was special. Even during our discovery call to see if we were a good match, she had already led me to discoveries about my beliefs I didn't even know I had. In just one session, Ornela guided me to the emotional root of the problems I came to her with. It's now been 3 weeks since our session, and I listened to my personalised recording regularly. In that time, my energy picked up and my thyroid medicine has been reduced for the first time. My hair, which had been getting course - one of the side effects of thyroid disease - is not softer and shinier than it's been in years. It's amazing to see such a physical proof that this approach truly works! I couldn't be happier than working with Ornela and have already been asked by friends who see the difference to pass along her information. 

Christina G (40), Designer, USA

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