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I offer my services in English and Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian languages.

Bespoke packages for your individual needs are also available.

Why work with me? Check here.

Single Session
  • 30 min free discovery call

  • 1.5 - 2h session

  • personalised recording

  • regular follow-ups

280 €

3-Sessions Package
  • 30 min FREE discovery call

  • 3 sessions

  • personalised recording for each session

  • regular follow-ups

750 €

Woman's Inner Compass
  • 30 min FREE discovery call

  • assesment and roadmap session

  • powerful RTT session

  • personalised recording

  • bonus recording of your choice

  • regular weekly follow-ups for 48 days

480 €

Helping you move
from coping to thriving
by effectively releasing deep emotional pain.

Finally and for good.

Because when we can not change the circumstances,
we can always change how we show up in them.

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