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Adolescent Crisis - Supporting Daughter and Mother

I thought I already knew "enough" about what LOVE is. Love for family, love for parents, spouse, children, loved ones. However, even though I've been working as a teacher for more than 25 years, I didn't really know "enough" what it means to love yourself.


Throughout my life, I wanted to be a good daughter, girlfriend, and then a good and caring mother. I learned to fight every day even when those days were extremely difficult. I was a "sickly" child who loved school and learning. My peaceful and happy childhood was interrupted by the war in Bosnia & Herzegovina in1992. In a very short period of time, I had to grow up, i.e. pretend to be an adult. I thought it was all behind me, but it wasn't. In the last month and a half, everything came back again, but in a new way.

Quite by chance, my husband and I experienced shock and disbelief when we find out that our sweet and dear, optimistic and cheerful seventeen-year-old girl experiences issues in many directions. We went to several psychologists and child psychiatrists who established the diagnosis: "adolescent crisis" with self-harm, deep depression, frequent panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. This was not easy to accept. I felt guilty and asked myself: "Where did we make a mistake as parents?" "How did we not notice it in time?" Well, our little girl has been struggling with all these difficult emotions for five full years. Of course, we decided to give her maximum support.

She should have been hospitalized, she should have taken medication for anxiety and depression, but quite "accidentally" in that vicious circle, we were offered a solution, which really turned out to be a new, positive and motivating experience. We learned about OM Transformations and Ms. Ornela Marić. We were skeptical. It's online hypnotherapy. How? Is that possible? Those were my first questions. Yes, it is possible. Ornela kindly and in detail explained to us during the first initial introduction what hypnotherapy is and what we can expect as the end result.

"Why?" and "What is the cause of all her problems?" bothered me. And the problems were BIG. My daughter felt guilt, sadness, powerlessness, she lost her will to live, she didn't love herself and her body.

But, with the help of the 1st and 2nd sessions within their first cycle, our little angel slowly began to reach her inner world and regain a positive self-image. She realizes that she is worth it, and that there is a place for her in this world. 

She is still listening to the personalized recording, specially created for her from her words and her thoughts. She is slowly changing his self-image.

Without medication and without necessary hospitalization, at home in the circle of her family, which is her biggest support.


As the mother of such a girl, I felt indescribable guilt and sadness. Ms. Ornela offered me hypnotherapy so that I too could get out of the vicious circle and see "HAPPINESS". I thought it was impossible. But I was wrong. My experience with this therapy, which was also my first experience with psychotherapy in general, helped me in many ways.


I realized that in the past I made mistakes, I had difficult moments, but I "LIVE NOW AND HERE". 

I am no longer the little girl or girl from 1992, nor the mother of three small children. I am now a woman, I would say, in her prime, who has fallen in love with MYSELF again. I am happy again and above all grateful for all the blessings I have in this life, and there are many of them.

I realized that it is a blessing to face new challenges in our psychological development. It is a blessing to find a solution, because there is always a solution, you just have to believe. 


Through talking with my daughter, I also learned that my angel didn't have or had slept through the "Little School of Self-Love". They don't teach us that in school. I do not know why. We learn the alphabet, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and many other logical and illogical things. But, isn't it logical to LOVE YOURSELF??? For some, it is still foreign and difficult to accept, because students always compare themselves with their peers. 

That's why I, the teacher, decided to introduce the "Little School of Self-Love"" as mandatory classes, where my students learn to love themselves first, and only then others.

Our journey with Ornela continues because I know we are on the safe and right path to healing our psychological wounds from the past.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being with us!!!!!!!

Marija (50), teacher, Sarajevo, November 2022

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